Breastfeeding Resource Center

Are you pregnant and preparing to breastfeed after the arrival of your baby?  Are you currently a nursing mother that could use the help of a breastfeeding expert?

The Breastfeeding Resource Center is the area's only resource for pregnant and nursing mothers to offer such a variety of services and support programs to make breastfeeding work for moms and families.

We want to welcome you into the comfortable setting of our outpatient center where we have private rooms for consultations.

Office Appointments with a Breastfeeding Consultant

For those moms needing more personalized attention, individual office visits can be scheduled with a breastfeeding consultant.

Which type of visit would best meet your needs?

  • Feeding evaluation
  • These visits are for both mom and baby and usually occur before baby is a week old. Appointments last approximately one hour. During this evaluation you should bring any breastfeeding aids you are currently using. You will be encouraged to feed the baby in our private office setting, and our lactation consultants will help you find a solution to your breastfeeding difficulty and develop a feeding plan. Breastfeeding problems are not uncommon and with the right resources can be easily corrected.

  • Mom only visit
  • These visits are much shorter and provide a personalized approach to answering your breastfeeding questions. A breast exam may also take place.

  • Pregnant mom visit
  • Pregnant moms are encouraged to schedule a 30-minute visit with our breastfeeding consultants during your last trimester of pregnancy. They will answer any breastfeeding questions you have prior to the baby's arrival. Once your baby is born, our breastfeeding consultants will continue to be a source of support for your breastfeeding questions for months to come.

Video and Telephone Breastfeeding Consultation

Through a secure, online telehealth visit with a lactation consultant, you can use our services from the comfort of your own home.

Tele-video lactation consultation can be scheduled weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. by calling the Breastfeeding Resource Center at (309) 683-6672.

Breast Pumps

Should your situation require the use of an electric breast pump, the Breastfeeding Resource Center has pumps available for a nominal rental fee, or that can be covered under your insurance plan. Please contact the center for pricing information and availability. 

Stop in or make an appointment by calling (309) 683-6672.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Having a baby is a huge change. Going to a supportive place to relax and be with other moms is a great way to enjoy this change. The moms who have older babies can help you know what to expect.

As the weeks go by, you will find yourself helping other new moms. The session is lead by a breastfeeding consultant.


Every Wednesday from Noon - 2 p.m.


Breastfeeding Resource Center

Breast Milk Donation Site

Are you a mom interested in donating your extra breast milk?

We are pleased to partner with the moms in our community and Mother's Milk Bank to help more babies receive the health benefits and often life-saving nutrients of breast milk.

Breast Milk Dispensary Site

We also work with  Mother's Milk Bank to distribute pasteurized human milk from screened and approved donors to families for short-term emergency use. Please contact the Breastfeeding Resource Center for more information.


Breastfeeding Resource Center
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