What to Expect

At the Birthing Center, our care revolves around meeting your individual needs with an emphasis on providing the education and support needed to welcome your new baby into your life.

For your privacy and safety, you are allowed three visitors in your room during labor.

During delivery, you are allowed two visitors in the room. Your support person is considered one of the visitors. We also encourage you to call the Birthing Center or ask your OB Nurse Navigator for our policy on cameras during labor and delivery.

During Delivery

During delivery, your nurse, a nurse for the baby, your physician and an OB tech to assist your physician will be in the room.

One or two nurses will be in the room with you for one to two hours after you give birth. This is to ensure you and the baby are recovering properly.

Also, after delivery and throughout your stay, our housekeeping staff will clean your room daily.

We do our best to offer our patients mother-baby care. Mother-baby care means the same nurse will be taking care of you and your baby.

Leaving the Hospital

Before leaving the Birthing Center, your nurses will need an order from your obstetrician and pediatrician to process all of the necessary paperwork.

We will give you special instructions and literature explaining what to expect in the next few weeks. All instructions will be reviewed to ensure all of your needs have been met.

Medications will be called to the pharmacy of your choice or delivered to your room from Eastland Pharmacy, located in Eastland Medical Plaza I (Entrance C).

The entire discharge process may take a few hours. We want to take the time to make sure you are fully prepared to go home with your new baby.

When you are ready to leave, your support person should bring the car to the front of the Birthing Center Entrance and bring your baby's carrier to your room.

You will be escorted in a wheelchair by a member of our patient care staff. We will be happy to help you get your baby in the car seat if it hasn't been checked.