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Whether this is your first child or another addition to your family, childbirth is an event that you and your family will cherish the memory of forever.

Right here, close to home, the warm and comfortable Family Birthing Center at OSF HealthCare Saint James-John W. Albrecht Medical Center provides everything you need to make the birth of your newborn a memory to cherish.

We are recognized as a Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care. We offer private labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum suites for a warm and comfortable, home-like experience.

Our caring, dedicated staff provide you a high level of attention and treat you like family throughout your childbirth journey.

Tour the Birthing Center

The Family Birthing Center welcomes you to take a tour and meet our staff. 

If you sign up for an OB Nurse Navigator, your tour will be scheduled as part of the program.

You may schedule a tour by calling (815) 842-4972 or submit a request using the form below.

Schedule Your Tour

Parenting and Birthing Classes

We offer a variety of online and in-person classes to help you and your family prepare for your little one's arrival.

Want to know more? The OSF HealthCare Health Library provides a wealth of information on everything to expect before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth. Topics include planning a pregnancy, prenatal care, hormones during pregnancy, common tests, labor and delivery, breastfeeding and more.

About Our Delivery Rooms

The Family Birthing Center has four private labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum (LDRP) rooms, where moms typically spend their entire stay, from admission to discharge.

The LDRP rooms create a warm and relaxing environment and allow us to provide family-centered care, where you and your family are encouraged to spend time bonding with your newborn.

We also have three additional antepartum/postpartum rooms equipped with similar amenities, should we need to make an LDRP room available for another mom in labor. One of the postpartum rooms is equipped with a whirlpool tub that will help soothe and relax you in the time following your baby’s birth. 

Nurse Navigator

Our free OB Nurse Navigator Program helps expectant moms feel confident and comfortable before the big day arrives. Our navigators deliver a unique level of care and attention beginning around 20 weeks of pregnancy -- or at whatever point you need the support -- to well after you've gone home. They are your personal guide to pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. For your convenience, you can meet with a nurse navigator at OSF Saint James or at the OSF Center for Health in Streator.

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Lactation Consultants

All of the nurses in the Family Birthing Center are certified breastfeeding consultants and are here to support and empower your choice. We provide personalized care throughout your journey – from early education to help with breastfeeding and in-person assistance.


Shai Nyi, MD, and Cynthia Mangubat, MD, bring more than 40 years of experience to the Family Birthing Center at OSF Saint James. They collaborate with our staff to ensure you have the birthing options that best fit your needs.

Dr. Nyi moved to the Pontiac area more than 20 years ago, specifically to provide obstetric and gynecologic care in a small community. Dr. Mangubat came to OSF Saint James more recently, after more than 15 years in private practice. She is a staunch advocate of NaProTechnology/Creighton Model Fertility Care System for natural family planning.

Both passionately believe that every life is a gift from God, and are committed to serving moms, their babies and families with the greatest care and love.

Call (815) 842-3567 for an appointment.

Call for an appointment to have them with you throughout your pregnancy.

(815) 842-3567

Leaving the Hospital

What Our Patients SayWhat Our Patients Say The entire discharge process will likely take several hours. We take the time to make sure you are fully prepared to go home with your new baby. 

Before leaving the Family Birthing Center, your nurses will need an order from your obstetrician and your baby’s pediatrician, to process all of the necessary paperwork.

We know the first few days and weeks after giving birth can be overwhelming. We will continue to provide support and encourage you to call an OB Navigator, or the Family Birthing Center nurses at (815) 842-4972.

The OSF Call Center will give you a follow-up call to check on you and your baby after you have been home for a day or so. In addition, the Family Birthing Center staff welcomes your calls at any time for help and offer advice on caring for yourself and your baby.


The Family Birthing Center is located on the second floor of OSF Saint James. Outside the hours of 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., patients must enter the hospital through the Emergency Department.

OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center
2500 W. Reynolds St. 
Pontiac, Illinois 61764
Phone: (815) 842-4972

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