OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening

As of 2011, the Lung Cancer Alliance has deemed OSF Saint Francis Medical Center a Screening Center of Excellence.  A center of excellence is guided by the following principles in the operation of its Low Dose CT (LDCT) Lung Cancer Screening Program:

  • Empowering patients by providing them clear information on the benefits and risks of lung cancer screening and prompt information about their results
  • Providing smoking cessation counseling to current smokers
  • Adherence to best practices in radiation dosage and nodule management
  • Operating as a multidisciplinary medical team to provide clear pathways for patient follow up care
  • Commitment to quality improvement and data collection, supporting advances in lung cancer screening and the continuum of care

Do you qualify for a LDCT screening?

As a Screening Center of Excellence, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center has already demonstrated our commitment to the quality of care for our patients, and to lowering the mortality rate from lung cancer in our central Illinois community.  The greatest hope for surviving lung cancer lies in early detection through LDCT screening.

We encourage all current and former smokers to call (309) 683-4939 to see if you qualify for a no out-of-pocket-expense low dose CT lung cancer screening, and get the scan that could save your life.

More than 200,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States. The prognosis is poor for patients whose cancer is detected in its advanced stages. The American Cancer Society states that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women.

The low dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Program was developed to promote early detection and treatment of lung cancer and to help improve survival rates. Low dose CT Lung Cancer Screening of high-risk individuals with a low-dose chest CT scan provides for early lung cancer detection and spares so many lives; like yours or someone you love.

Physician or self-referral, low dose CT Lung Cancer Screening should be considered an option for the asymptomatic individuals considered at high risk for lung cancer.

Benefits of Lung Cancer Screening

One of the keys to more successful treatment of lung cancer is the early detection of the disease. Often lung cancer is detected in its later stages, when it has compromised the function of one or more vital organs and has spread throughout the body. There are many types of lung cancer. Each type of lung cancer grows and spreads in different ways and is treated differently. The purpose of the low dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Program is to detect and diagnose the underlying medical condition that you may have at an early stage and to improve the treatment effectiveness and options. The CT images will be reviewed for the presence of lung nodules, masses, or other abnormalities suspicious for lung cancer.

Follow Up

Once your scan has been completed and our primary care physician notified, you may be referred to the for follow up. Here you may have further testing if necessary. You may also be followed for two years with annual CT screening scans. This two year follow up allows the physicians to monitor the appearance of your lung nodules and to detect any new nodules that may present.

Lung Nodules

A lung nodule is also called a spot on your lung. It is usually round or oval in shape. They are easy to find, but can be hard to diagnose. While the majority (at least 60%) of lung nodules are due to benign (not cancerous) conditions, it is important to work with your doctor to determine the cause. When lung cancer is caught early and is still small, there is a greater chance that it can be cured.

Please call our lung screening nurse at (309) 683-4939 to see if you qualify for a no out-of-pocket-expense low dose CT Lung Cancer Screening today!