Transplant Services

middle-aged couple embracing after heart transplant OSF HealthCare is excited to announce that the Heart Transplant Program will return to OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center. On January 25, 2019, the Illinois Health Facilities & Services Review Board approved OSF HealthCare’s certificate of need application to re-establish the program.

This Heart Transplant Program will be the only one in central and downstate Illinois, and will be a destination center for both transplants and ventricular assist device procedures (VAD), offering our patients and others in our service area a second chance to celebrate the gift of life.


The Heart Transplantation Program at OSF Saint Francis was first established in 1987 and suspended in 2006 due to decreasing volume and physician retirements. Over its 19-year duration, the Program successfully completed 197 heart transplants. The first recipient is now 86 years old and returns to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center twice a year for check-ups.


While the full implementation of the heart transplant program could take up to 18 months, the first VAD procedures will take place in 2019.