Visiting Hours and Guidelines

At Children’s Hospital of Illinois, we consider family and friends to be an important part of the health care team. We have an open visiting atmosphere to support a healing environment. Please ask your child’s caregiver for any special guidelines that may apply.
Parents and guardians are not considered visitors, and are welcome to be with their child 24/7.

Approved Visitor List

For the protection of our young patients, parents or legal guardians will be asked to provide a list of approved visitors to the bedside nurse. This information is available to staff members if parent is not present when a visitor arrives. Any visitor wishing to visit your child must be listed on the approved visitor list in order to be admitted to your child’s room.

Good Health Assessment

We want your child to have visitors, but we also want to protect your child as much as possible from any outside germs. For that reason, children under age 14 years will need to have a good health screen before visiting, and will receive a Good Health Assessment Badge to show that this screening has taken place.

While adults do not need a Good Health Assessment, we ask that adults should not visit if they have a contagious illness – such as a cold, or if they have a fever.