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AHK-6-18-18--13.jpg5200 N Hamilton Rd Peoria, IL 61614

OSF HealthCare Children's Hospital of Illinois is looking forward to opening doors at Almost Home Kids (AHK) home in Peoria coming up in September 2018.

The new home will be the third of its kind in the nation and the first purpose-built Almost Home Kids ever.

Almost Home Kids is the first care model of its kind in the country. It provides transitional care for children with complicated health needs, such as children who are dependent on a ventilator to breathe or a feeding tube for nourishment, who are ready to be discharged from the hospital but for whom preparations at home need to be made, as well as training for their families, and respite care.

In a comforting home-like setting, children receive 24-hour medical and nursing support from skilled pediatric nurses. Almost Home Kids educates families on how to provide the best care for their children by training them to confidently operate and maintain their child’s home medical equipment, prepare medications and treatments, and maximize government support systems such as home modification and/or obtaining home nursing hours.

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A Bridge from Hospital to Home


Gabe was finally discharged. He had endured a collapsed lung, two different strains of pneumonia, four bronchoscopies, and two intubations. After three frightening months in the hospital our 3-year-old boy was finally coming home. Our first night home was one of the scariest of our lives. Within 12 hours of being discharged something did go wrong. His feeding tube came out and we found ourselves back in the emergency department.

I felt defeated. We wanted to provide Gabe with the best medical care possible. We just weren’t sure how to do that. Continue Reading...

Countless families and children, just like the Ruskusky’s, need this facility in Peoria. With your help, this facility can be an answer to their prayers.