Heart Transition Program

Heart Transition Program at OSF Children's Hospital of Illinois The Congenital Heart Adolescent Transition (CHAT) program assists patients in gaining independence in their health care. The program is designed to help patients better understand their heart diagnosis and what that means long-term.

During the transition visits, we will help them understand their diagnosis, preventive medical care, medications, insurance, jobs, exercise recommendations, family planning and how to schedule their appointments. 

When to Start

In general, the program is best for patients age 15 and older.

However, some patients are ready to start discussing these topics earlier. If you feel your child would benefit from this program, please contact our office to discuss. 

Video Visits

We offer visits via telehealth using your OSF MyChart account.

Video appointments eliminate the need to travel to the clinic and allow you to remain in the comfort of your home.

But, if your child would prefer to have an in-person visit, we can arrange that in our Peoria clinic, as well. 

How It Works

Prior to your child’s first visit, they will complete a survey that will help guide our discussion and review topics best suited for them.

During the initial visit, your child will help us understand their level of understanding and develop a plan.

Most transition plans consist of two to four visits with an advanced practice registered nurse from our team. 

Billing & Insurance

You will be billed through your insurance as a regular preventive office visit.

Care Providers

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Please use your OSF MyChart account or call the Congenital Heart Center at (309) 655-3453.

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