Home Ventilator Program


home-ventilationt.jpg Our Pediatric Home Ventilation Program cares for children with a variety of respiratory needs. We offer the only program in downstate Illinois for children who have tracheostomies or need a ventilator.

Our specialists work closely with the family of each child in both inpatient and outpatient settings to help them make a seamless transition from hospital to home. 

Our team includes a pediatric pulmonologist, respiratory therapist, pediatric dietician, social worker, and pediatric pharmacist. These specialists also collaborate with Children's Hospital speech therapists and counselors in order to provide the best possible care for children with complex respiratory needs.

The many respiratory needs we meet include:

  • Tracheostomy, with or without supplemental oxygen
  • Chronic ventilator use
  • Positive pressure ventilation ( BiPAP or CPAP ) via face mask or trach

These needs are often associated with the following diagnoses: