School Resources


The Pediatric Diabetes Resource Center offers a Diabetes Education Program for School and Daycare Personnel twice a year, in March and August. A flyer is sent to the school of each of our patients. The purpose of this program is to provide education to schools and child care facilities that take care of children with diabetes. Our staff will provide education on carbohydrate counting, glucagon administration, 504 plans, legality and liability issues in the school, insulin administration, blood glucose testing, insulin pump therapy, etc. Anyone who works with students with diabetes is encouraged to come— teachers, nurses, coaches, secretaries, principals, bus drivers, etc. Please call 1-888-436-2278 for any questions.

School personnel who cannot attend the Diabetes Education Program for School and Daycare Personnel program can schedule individualized training sessions. These sessions usually last 3 hours and are scheduled during regular office hours (8:00am-4:00pm). If you are interested in scheduling an individualized training for school personnel please call 1-888-436-2278 to schedule an appointment.

The Care of Students with Diabetes Act was passed in December 2011 and helps ensure that children and adolescents are safely cared for while at school. For more information, visit the Illinois General Assembly website.