Good nutrition and physical activity are important for cancer patients. Not only can they improve quality of life, risk for depression, and long-term survival, but they can also help reduce the chance of recurrence and help better manage side effects that are associated with certain cancer treatments.

Our registered pediatric dietitian will work closely with our doctors and nurses to provide nutrition and wellness assessments in our Hits for the Cure Healthy Living Program. 

Through these assessments, we can help patients establish healthy diets and learn to manage the side effects of their treatment. 

The Heller Center dietitian:

  • Will assist with complex cases of treatment-related toxicity and assist with specialized feedings
  • Develop nutrition  and exercise programs
  • Monitor overall metabolic health and BMI
  • Serve our Heller TOT (Transition off Therapy), THRIVE long-term follow-up AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult) programs, as well as our entire oncology/hematology population.
  • Build healthy habits for a lifetime that improve quality of life, long-term survivorship, and reduce the risk of both depression and secondary cancers as an adult
  • Serve as a part of the Hits for the Cure Healthy Living Program