Cystic Fibrosis


Our Cystic Fibrosis team provides comprehensive care for children and adults with CF throughout Central Illinois. Our Center is accredited by the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for both pediatric and adult care.

We develop individualized treatment plans to meet the needs of each patient. Our team helps patients and families understand medications, proper airway clearance techniques, good nutrition, and exercises to increase strength and endurance. We help our patients become as healthy as they can be, so they can 
carry out activities of daily living.

Our office is open 8AM – 430PM weekdays and our Center is located in Zone 0 of the hospital’s main campus.

Program Description

Cystic Fibrosis care involves a vast treatment plan. You do not have to reach the goals of your treatment plan alone. Effective Cystic Fibrosis care involves a team. Your Cystic Fibrosis care team will see you/your child on an outpatient basis as well as in the hospital if the need arises. Our CF Clinic is unique due to the fact that you will meet with the entire multidisciplinary team with each visit to clinic. The Cystic Fibrosis Center care team at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois consists of the following:

Physicians: Your physicians are in charge of you/your child’s care.  They meet with the other team members and prescribe medications and treatments that are individualized for you. Your physician will be your Cystic Fibrosis expert.

Nurses:  The nurses can work with you and your family on every aspect of your treatment plan to help you understand your medication and treatment plan, help you learn how to carry out your activities of daily living, and help you set and meet goals that will help you attain your highest level of wellness.

Respiratory Therapists:  It’s all about breathing.  Your respiratory therapists will evaluate your lung function as well as teach you techniques that will provide airway clearance.  They are the experts on airway clearance and will help you develop a plan that incorporates your medication into your daily routine.

Registered Dietitian:  Registered dietitians are experts in nutrition and good nutrition is extremely important in patients with Cystic Fibrosis.  Your registered dietitian can provide you with helpful tips for preparing food and choosing high calorie supplements.

Physical Therapist: Your physical therapist will work with you to optimize your health involving the use of exercises and stretching to increase strength and endurance. 

Counselor:  Having a long-term illness can leave you and your family with worries, questions, and concerns.  Your counselor is here to help you sort through the information and provide you with resources to help you/your child achieve your goals.