Adolescent and Young Adult Program

Teens and young adults with cancer have different needs and treatment challenges from those of children or older adults. In addition, recent medical research has shown that teens and young adults who have cancer have much better outcomes if they are treated by a pediatric cancer team at a children’s hospital, even when compared with teens and young adults who have the same treatment plan but are treated by an adult cancer team at an adult hospital.

The Adolescent and Young Adult Program at the Heller Center for Kids with Cancer will have the following characteristics/be providing the following services:

  • Access to AYA-focused clinical studies, other research
  • A multidisciplinary team approach
  • Nurse practitioner/nurse coordination
  • Adolescent medicine
  • Child life services
  • Group peer interaction opportunities
  • Social work services
  • Educational/vocational support, to assist with current school performance and future goal planning 
  • Nutritional and other health/fitness counseling and education
  • Behavioral health resources, including counseling
  • Transition services to assist with return to normal activities, eventual movement to adult care services
  • Patient and family advisory committees
  • Peer mentoring