School Nurse Emergency Course

About the Course

The School Nurse Emergency Care Course (SNEC) course is designed to enhance the assessment, triaging and treatment skills of the school nurse when confronted with the acutely ill or injured student. With the increasing number of urgent health related conditions seen within the changing school environment and the current need to assure disaster preparedness in the school setting, this course will support the school nurse's core knowledge base in responding to these types of situations.

The intent of this course is to provide nurses who work in the school setting with emergency care education and guidelines that they can integrate into their current practice and use to deliver care to the ill or injured student.

This course was developed by experienced school nurses and emergency nurses who are familiar with the unique aspects of emergency care that school nurses may encounter in the school setting.

Successful completion of the course requires completion of all 17 modules, 5 skill demonstration videos, a passing score of at least 84% on the course exam, and completion of the course evaluation.

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