School and Career Support Services

Returning to school as soon as they can after being diagnosed with cancer is important for most children because it’s "normal" and a place for fun and friends, not just books and teachers. It is also a sign to patients and families that they have a real potential for recovery from the cancer diagnosis. For adolescents, continuation of their studies can have a significant impact on their future career and adult lives.

School and Career Support Services can provide:

  • In-hospital bedside tutoring, if needed
  • Individualized tutoring in the clinic for children with frequent long clinic stays
  • Education to school personnel (teachers, principal, counselor, nurse, coach, etc) and/or students re: the patient’s diagnosis and treatment, if desired by the patient and family
  • Written documentation to the school re: any needed changes in the child’s school routine, scheduling, or other plans; medications that may need to be given at school, any special accommodations (equipment, excuse from PE class, etc) needed at school, special precautions (as with exposure to infections in other children), emergency management
  • Assistance with Individual Education Plans (IEPS) or 504 school health plans
  • Social skills training; training on activities of daily adult living
  • Assistance with post-high school career planning
  • Information regarding college, trade schools, scholarships and other financial support