OSF Illinois Neurological Institute

Neurohospitalist Program

Expertise matters. That’s why OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute created the Neurohospitalist Program. A team of dedicated inpatient neurological specialists now oversees all neurological care at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria.

What is a neurohospitalist?

Neurohospitalists are neurologists dedicated to caring for patients in the hospital. They admit and oversee the neurological care of patients in the hospital. They educate resident providers on best practices and care paths, and make sure every patient in the hospital with neurological needs receives consistent care.

What is the benefit?

Neurohospitalists benefit patients, their families and the hospital’s neuroscience program overall. They provide continuity of care, delivered in a guideline-driven approach, so patients receive consistent care regardless of which caregivers are on shift at the hospital. They greatly enhance the patient experience, by providing one face for patients and their family to seek out with questions and concerns. They provide resident providers with one point of contact for leadership.

Neurohospitalists set and enforce standards for neurological care in the hospital and set consistent care plans for each patient, so care is more predictable and less variable, which means better patient outcomes.


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