Concierge Service

concierge.jpg 309-624-1010

We want your visit to go as smoothly as possible. Our concierge staff is posted at information and reception desks as well as waiting rooms throughout the hospital to provide a helping hand.

At each main entrance of the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, you will find information desks providing knowledge such as patient room numbers, hospital locations or basic scheduling information such as the hours for the valet service or a CityLink bus schedule. Our concierge staff, donning the green vests, will gladly offer assistance in any way they can about any aspect of the hospital.

Each Pediatric Floor has a concierge from 8:30 am – 9 pm. During this time they will maintain your family’s visitor list, administer visitor badges, monitor the waiting areas and welcome and orient the new patients and families to the unit. All concierge staff can assist with way finding throughout the entire campus or assist with regional locations and accommodations.

Concierge staff also maintains surgical waiting rooms and acts, in part, as liaison between clinical staff and families or friends of the patients. Our staff will guide you to the waiting rooms and provide you with the materials you need as your patient goes through their procedure. Our staff is updated with each stage of the procedures and communicates anything clinical staff shares, for example when your patient has entered recovery stage, where your doctor consult will be or what room your patient will be in post-procedure.