OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Application Breakdown

When evaluating applicants for the Dietetic Internship program, the following criteria will be utilized:

Application Materials:
-Rejected if any materials not included
-Subtract 5 points if letter not in business format
-Subtract 5 points if incorrect # of references or references not from individuals as asked

  • Completed information as requested
  • Letter is in business format
  • Transcripts included
  • Verification/Declaration Statement included
  • Submitted information in an organized manner
  • 3 References (1 from DPD director or senior level professor; 1 from previous employer; 2 of 3 need to be RDs)
  • Clear, concise resume
  • Virtual Interview Sheet
Application Letter: 20 Points
  • Completed information as requested on website
  • Personal motivation and good concepts of all fields of dietetics
  • Good concepts of all fields of dietetics
  • Concise, clear, well-organized, self-expressing, and grammatically correct in business letter format
  • Demonstrates good team work, creativity and interpersonal skills
Grades: 24 Points
  • Overall grade point average (8 points) Application rejected if lower than 2.8.
  • DPD grade point average (12 points)
  • Grades show consistent improvement/maintained excellence (2 points)
  • Exceeds minimum requirements (i.e. extra courses benefitting dietitians, double major, or advanced degree) (2 points)
  • Master's Degree REQUIRED
Work Experience: 27 Points
  • Cumulative paid work experience related to clinical or community dietetics more than 380 hours (8 points)
  • Cumulative volunteer/practicum experience related to dietetics more than 380 hours (5 points)
  • Has a variety of dietetics related work and volunteer experiences (4 points for clinical, 3 points for community, 1 point for food service)
  • Cumulative work or volunteer experience not related to dietetics more than 380 hours (2 points)
  • Job with higher level of responsibility (i.e. teaching, management, etc.) (4 points)
Extracurricular Activities: 8 Points
  • Dietetic related clubs, organizations, special projects, etc.(including position/office held)
  • Non-dietetic related clubs/organizations (i.e. fraternity/sorority, athletics, etc)
  • Honors and awards
  • Relevant certifications (i.e. CITI training, ServSafe)
References: 15 Points
  • How well the reference knows the applicant
  • Application of knowledge
  • Conceptual and analytical decision making skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills and teamwork
  • Leadership ability
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence, assertiveness, organizational ability, and ability to work independently
Reference Letters: Minus 0-6 Points
  • Two points will be subtracted for each reference letter that reveals undesirable intern qualities
Bonus Points: Add or deduct 0-6 Points
  • Significant strengths or weaknesses (Plus or minus 0-6 points)