OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Continuing Medical Education

As a major teaching institution, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, in conjunction with the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, is committed to offering relevant continuing medical education (CME) to our physicians, faculty, and allied health professionals.

The subject matter for discipline-specific grand rounds is prioritized based upon current trends in medicine and new treatment options available. Medical Staff Members and Residents are asked to present interesting cases and notable physical conditions. In addition, guest lecturers are invited to the Medical Center to promote healthy discussion and to generate new learning. Promotion of ongoing learning is another way to ensure safe and effective care to those we serve.

For Grand Rounds schedules, please contact the appropriate specialty below for a complete listing of topics, dates and locations. 

View Current CME Opportunities

Specialty Phone*
Cancer 655-2421
Emergency 655-6710
Family Practice 672-4599
Internal Medicine 655-7481
Med Peds 655-3863
Neonatal 624-0610
Neurology/Neurosurgery 624-3915
OB/Gyn 655-4163
Pediatrics 624-9604
Radiology 655-3230
Surgery 655-4775

*All phone numbers have a 309 area code.