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Peoria, Illinois



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced, non-invasive way of seeing the inside of the body without using radiation. Radio waves, a magnetic field and a computer work together to create detailed images of bones, organs, soft tissue and other areas inside your body.

How to prepare for your MRI

Your safety is our top priority. Due to the strong magnetic field, we take extra precautions.

  • Pregnancy tests are required for women ages 10 through 55. Please be prepared to provide a urine sample upon arrival at the testing facility. Your physician’s office should order this test.
  • You will be asked to provide the MRI department with a complete medical history and any records related to implanted devices.
  • Remove all metal jewelry (including piercings), belts and phones prior to the test. You will be scanned with a metal detector prior to entering the MRI scan room.
  • If your physician gives you a disc of images to correlate with your MRI, please bring the disc with you the day of your testing.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. The scan will take at least 45 to 60 minutes.
  • If you wear a transdermal medication patch, you will need to remove the patch before you arrive for your MRI. Please bring an extra patch to apply after the exam.
  • Getting your results

In most cases, your imaging exam will be interpreted within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that your doctor’s office may need additional time to incorporate the report into your personal medical record.

Options for comfort

Some patients may need medication for anxiety and pain in order to complete the procedure. You will need to work with your physician to arrange this prescription and pick-up at the pharmacy of your choice. Follow the instructions with your prescription, which may include bringing it to your appointment.

MRI Caring Suite

mri-suiteThe MRI Caring Suite at OSF HealthCare Center for Health on Route 91 in Peoria.

Patients who feel anxious or claustrophobic during an MRI could benefit from scheduling their exam in a Caring Suite, soon available at two OSF HealthCare Center for Health locations in Peoria: on Glen Park Place and on Route 91. With low lights and relaxing music, the Caring Suite can help ease anxiety during your scan without the use of medication. The Caring Suite features a machine that is four inches wider than a traditional MRI machine and can complete a scan faster than a traditional or open MRI.