OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Body Composition Analysis - Bod Pod®

bod-pod-tech.jpg OSF Saint Francis Medical Center offers the most accurate body composition assessment device available on the market today. The Bod Pod® measures lean body mass, body fat percentage, and estimates resting metabolic rate quickly, safely and accurately. Body composition can tell you much more about your state of fitness than a scale or even physical appearance. A scale cannot determine the difference between body fat and muscle. The Bod Pod® is the key indicator of overall fitness and is used by professional sports teams in the NFL, Premier League, and the NCAA.

Anyone striving to change the distribution or amount of body fat and lean muscle mass in their body can benefit from having a Bod Pod® assessment. Consider having one if you:

  • are starting a weight loss program
  • have recently lost or gained a significant amount of weight
  • have started a strength training program and want to see the effects of your training
  • are trying to increase lean muscle to counter-act the effects of diabetes, oral steroid use, or cancer treatments
  • want to decrease your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer or other health problems

Scheduling your Bod Pod® appointment

Patients of the OSF Weight Loss Center will schedule during their initial consultation appointment.

If you are not an OSF Weight Loss Center patient, please call 309-282-1600 to schedule.


If you are a patient of the OSF Weight Loss Center, a Bod Pod® measurement is included in your initial appointment. 

If you are not a patient of the OSF Weight Loss Center, the charge for a Bod Pod® measurement is $50 and will be collected during your appointment.  Payments are accepted by cash (exact amount), check, or credit card.