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Informational Videos

If you are considering weight loss surgery, it is required that you complete this video series. 

In these videos, you will learn about the OSF Weight Management programs, types of weight loss surgery and the associated risks and benefits. 

You will learn the criteria to qualify for weight loss surgery and the program steps you need to take to prepare for surgery. 

Note: You must watch all 4 videos (about 10 minutes each), AND complete the survey evaluation, before proceeding in the program.

Step 1 - Watch Video Series

Part 1 - Program Overview

Part 2 - Risks and Benefits

Part 3 - Types of Surgery

Part 4 - Getting Started

Step 2 - Complete Survey Evaluation

Complete this survey evaluation after watching the video series.

Other Resources

The following documents are available to download here. Paper copies of this material will be available at your first appointment.

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