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Peoria, Illinois


OSF Care-A-Van is a mobile health center staffed by members of OSF HealthCare and its Faith Community Nursing program. Our team is ready to connect residents with screenings, immunizations and health education, and even assist with tasks such as signing up for health coverage and exploring advanced care planning.

We travel to where people work, pray and play to connect patients to care when they might not be able to get to the doctor on their own – or even know where to start when they have a health need.

By building relationships with employers, churches, schools and community agencies to break down obstacles, we are connecting patients with the appropriate level of care and getting them on the road to better management of their health.

OSF Care-A-Van OSF Care-A-Van
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Upcoming Schedule

Want to check out the OSF Care-A-Van and take advantage of the services it offers? Find out where it's stopping next, and choose a date and time that fits your needs.

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What is a Faith Community Nurse?

The OSF Faith Community Nursing program is a unique partnership between two healing entities – our hospitals and the faith community. Faith Community nurses partner with clergy and health care organizations to advocate for the health and well-being of church congregations. The program focuses on preventative health care, showing members how to lead healthier lives through education, screenings and referrals to community resources.

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Care-A-Van is staffed by the Faith Community Nursing Volunteer Program. We welcome you to check it out and volunteer if time allows.

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Need an OSF Provider?

If you're looking for an OSF HealthCare provider, we've got you covered.

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Request a Care-A-Van Visit

In our effort to connect with the community, the OSF Care-A-Van is available to make a stop at your workplace or event. All you have to do is ask!

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