OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

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Join a small group of up to 10 people to learn healthy eating for weight loss. Groups are led by a registered dietitian. 

This program is a 6-12 month commitment.

  • Month 1:  The group will meet once each week. You will weigh in at each meeting and track your eating and exercise habits.
  • Months 2 through 6:  The group will meet every other week. 
  • Months 7 through 12:  If you lose at least 6-7 pounds in the first 6 months, then you can continue meeting with the group once each month for six more months. 

Not able to attend a class?

Your schedule may not match ours. If you cannot attend a group class, check out the One-on-One Counseling option instead.  These sessions are scheduled by appointment, and can be more flexible with your schedule.


Getting Started