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Smoking Cessation Program


To enable you to plan for and set a quit date, to provide encouragement, advice and motivation to quit and stay quit, and to assist in coping with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

This program is patient-centered. It provides behavioral support that involves a multidisciplinary approach – counselor/dietitian/pharmacy/cessation specialist.

It requires multiple sessions that are sensitive to your individual preferences, needs and circumstances.

It's time to quit. We can help you stop smoking.


Patients who set a quit date and who agree to join a cessation support program are offered at least eight free cessation support contacts to provide the best chances of stopping smoking.

For those who are quitting, the first month is a critical period. A minimum of four support contacts will be offered during the first month at one, two, three and four weeks post quit date.

After four weeks, some patients may require further support. This should be offered based on the specialist’s assessment of the client’s particular needs.

For those smokers who are still quit at one month, three follow-up/monitoring contacts are scheduled at three, six and 12 months post the client’s quit date.

There is a weekly support group, held on Tuesdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m.

5A's Approach to Quitting

Smoking-Image.JPG Our program uses the five A’s approach to quitting:

  • Ask about tobacco use: What is your smoking status?
  • Advise to quit: It is important for you to quit and we can help.
  • Assess: Are you willing to give quitting a try at this time? For former smokers there are challenges in remaining smoke free.
  • Assist: A quit plan will be formulated with you.
  • Arrange: Follow-up appointments will be expected and arranged.


Program participants may enroll themselves or through a referral from their physician.

Appointments may be scheduled by calling (309) 308-0200.

All consultation visits will be held at our office in Peoria.

Other support services will be available upon request.


This program is FREE to all participants.

Smoking is an addiction. We recognize that quitting smoking is very difficult.

We are committed to your health. We want you to stop smoking.

Take the Next Step

  • Are you ready to quit smoking? Yes or No

  • What is your plan? ________________________________________________________________________
  • What is your quit date? __________________________
Smoking Cessation Program
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