OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

Emergency Department

lantern picture.jpg OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is a Level 1 Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center.  Our specially trained nurses care for the highest level of trauma patients.

Our custom-designed Emergency Department allows us to treat more patients, as well as improve their security, safety and privacy.


  • Cardiac Monitoring
    Every Emergency Department room is equipped to monitor cardiac conditions at all times. And each room is directly visible from the nurses' station.
  • Decontamination Room
    In the event of chemical spills or other disasters, this area provides six special showers to aid in quickly and safely removing contaminants from rescue workers, attending staff and patients.
  • Dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department Rooms
    Our Emergency Department features rooms designed exclusively for children, including a Children's Waiting Room.  This allows our caregivers who specialize in pediatrics to treat children with improved privacy, security and safety…in a child-friendly atmosphere.
  • Keycard Security System
    Patient privacy and safety are always a top priority. To ensure the utmost security for our patients, we installed locks on all Emergency Department and family sleep rooms. Only authorized caregivers and family members you select can enter.
  • Specially Designed Pod System
    The Emergency Department is designed around three large "pod" areas that can be opened or closed according to patient demands. Each pod has its own dedicated team of physicians and staff, along with its own medication and supply areas.
  • Two Walk-In Emergency Entrances
    For enhanced privacy, security and safety, we created one for adults and one just for children.
  • 20 Surge Beds
    In the event of a major disaster that might affect dozens of people, each "pod" features specially designed panels located in the corridors that can provide oxygen and suction for injured patients. These panels allow us to transform Emergency Department hallways and accommodate 20 additional emergency beds.
  • 55 Exam Rooms
    In addition to private exam rooms, there are six crisis rooms (large enough to accommodate an entire family), two mental health rooms and two trauma rooms. These trauma rooms are used for injured patients and can meet the needs for adults and children.

Emergency Department: How It Works

What Emergency Service Do I Use?

Wondering whether to use the Emergency Department, an OSF PromptCare clinic or an OSF OnCall Urgent Care in-person clinic or virtual visit? 

The Emergency Department is the best place for treating potentially severe and life-threatening conditions such as heart attack or stroke. 

OSF PromptCare clinics can be used for urgent conditions that aren't life-threatening but need to be taken care of right away, such as sprains, skin rashes or a severe sore throat. 

OSF OnCall Urgent care, with in-person and virtual visits, can also be used for minor illnesses and injuries. Virtual visits have the added convenience of being available 24/7 from wherever you are.