About the Staff


paula-ebony.jpg Lauren Halverson is a certified teacher in both regular and special education. She received her dual teaching degrees from Bradley University in 2012 and has taught in multiple educational environments. Lauren has a natural passion for working with children and truly loves being a part of this program.

Rhonda Thomas is a certified K-12 teacher. She received her K-12 teaching degree in 2003 and her master’s degree in Teaching and Leadership in 2006. She taught at Hall High School for six years, and has been teaching in District 150 since 2008. She is truly enjoying her work here at the Children’s Hospital.

Paula Scott is our teacher’s aide. She has been working with the School Program since 2009, and she says it has been entirely rewarding. Before working with this program, she was a pediatric physical therapist at the Children’s Hospital. Working in the School Program has allowed her to use her skills as a therapist, mother, and tutor to work with students and their studies. In her free time, she enjoys reading, music, playing with her kids and watching their sporting events, and orphanage work.

Volunteers Tutors

Ped-School-1.jpg We currently have 15 volunteers from the Peoria community and area colleges, with backgrounds ranging from engineering and teaching to homemaking and medical study.  One of our volunteers is a retired Caterpillar executive. He excels in math and economics, but as a grandfather, he has learned to enjoy tutoring students of all ages.  Another is a retired math teacher who tutors once a week in the classroom. She is our personal “math wizard” who can “cure” students with math phobias.

Ped-School-2.jpg If you would like to learn more about volunteering at Children’s Hospital, click here.